… is the name of our vineyard in Italy’s northern Piedmont. The foundation was laid when we, Dieter Heuskel and Peter Dipoli, bought the first parcel of land, an abandoned vineyard in Alto Piemonte, in December 2004. Over the years, we were able to acquire more such parcels, now numbering over 50. In 2007/2008, two vineyards were replanted to cover a total of nearly 10 acres.

Our grape of choice is Nebbiolo, in addition to two local varieties, Croatina and Vespolina. Just weeks before our first harvest in 2010, we were able to acquire an old house in the historic center of Brusnengo and prepare the cellar for our first yield. It is here that we make our wines: a rosato, Al Posto dei Fiori, and a red Bramaterra.

With Le Pianelle, our dream has become reality.