Dieter Heuskel

On his very first visit to the Piedmont region in late November 1985, Dieter was fascinated by its blend of nature, wines, and vineyards. Ever since, he has returned several times a year, and in 2002 he decided to embark on a winemaking adventure in Northern Piedmont.


Peter Dipoli

Peter is a partner and shareholder of Le Pianelle. A vintner and wine merchant, reviewer, and writer in Alto Adige, he has been and continues to be a loyal challenger, supporter, and contributor.

Andrea Zanetta

Andrea has spent his entire professional life in the vineyards of Northern Piedmont, including 15 years at one of the most prestigious wineries in Gattinara. He has been with Le Pianelle since 2010.

Cristiano Garella

Cristiano is also a native son. He was born in Northern Piedmont and now devotes all his time and energy to putting it back where it belongs on the map of the world’s outstanding wine-growing regions. Cristiano is the one who turns the grapes we bring to the cellar into great wines.

Supporters & Friends

Christian Heuskel is responsible of our global sales and marketing strategy. In addition he is also responsible for our homepage and online activities.

Feico Derschow is the creative mind who translated the reality of our Brusnengo vineyard into our trademark. He also translates who we are into our labels, stationery, and the like.

Paolo de Marchi and his resolve in bringing back the Sperino winery in Lessona—inspired us to get our start in the neighboring village of Brusnengo. Luca de Marchi,who today leads this great estate, is a constant supporter of our efforts.

Ludovico (Nino) Barboniof Santa Maria, a true man of the land, helps out with every kind of machinery and equipment you need, but don’t yet have, when you have a small start-up winery.

Dirk Müller is a friend who spends quite a lot of time with us, mostly in the vineyard but also in our cellar. Without him, we would have lost the battle with the acacia long ago.